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I am Ildikó Fekete, originally a mathematician, but I work in the field of information technology. Creating and researching Easter eggs is a hobby for me. I first met the technique when I was a child, and I have been captivated by it ever since. I devoted myself to this art form when I was in high school; this was the first time I have created an egg with which I was satisfied. I have been creating new ones ever since; all of the eggs in this site are my creations.

My activities have been recognized countless times: my eggs are part of the collection at the Fejér County Repository of Values; I was awarded the Masterpiece of Hungarian Craft Award, the Pomegranate Award, the Junior Prima Award, the Applied Folk Artist title, and the Young Master of Folk Art title, which is awarded by the Hungarian State on 20 August. All these recognitions serve as confirmation that my work is important.

But what exactly am I working on?

Easter eggs in the Carpathian Basin have been and are being made in many places. The number of the traditional patterns are countless, the style can change from village to village. Although the same technique was used everywhere, due to the different use of colors and motifs, the Easter eggs in each region differed significantly. I would like to collect, organize and recreate these patterns.

Please support my research and teaching activity as much as you can.

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